A Conversation With Sugarland’s Kristian Bush

The number “three” holds a special significance for singer-songwriter Kristian Bush. Music fans in Charleston might remember Bush as one half of the folks rock duo Billy Pilgrim, which enjoyed quite a following here in the 90‘s thanks to radio station 96 Wave playing songs such as “Insomniac.” Nowadays, Bush is a founding member of the country supergroup Sugarland, which has sold 14 million albums worldwide and won numerous music awards. Bush, who plays a special solo show this Friday at the Windjammer on the Isle of Palms, says that for the last 20 years, his music has followed a curious cycle. “It happens in March of every year with a three in it,” says Bush, speaking by phone from his home in Atlanta. “March of 1993 is when Billy Pilgrim got its deal with Atlantic Records, March of 2003 is when Sugarland signed with Universal Records, and this past March was when I released “Love and Money,” my solo single.” That solo effort is a perfect example of Bush’s songwriting style, with playful, catchy lyrics set to an equally intoxicating melody.

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