Campbell Brown Band

Campbell Brown Band

  • Venue:Wednesday Night
  • Doors:10PM – 1AM
  • Free Entry

Starts around 10PM

Traipsing the boundaries of blues & funk, Gaslight Street has “crafted a signature sound that is equal parts honey and moonshine” – (Honest Tune Magazine)
Long Description
Gaslight Street melds pure Southern rock with charismatic vocals, traipsing the boundaries of blues and funk.
Soul music will never go out of style. Born in the musical bastion of Charleston, SC, Gaslight Street’s regional presence has grown behind their relentless tours throughout the Southeast and beyond. Featuring the unmistakably soulful lyrics and vocal duo of Campbell Brown and Whitt Algar, the band strongly stakes it’s place as worthy inheritors of the Southern soul tradition.

“Gaslight Street have crafted a signature sound that is equal parts honey and moonshine, with Brown the catalyst for the soul-infused swagger.”
~ Jamie Lee of Honest Tune and Hittin’ the Note magazines