Crazy Water Crystals

Crazy Water Crystals

  • Venue:Thursday Night
  • Doors:9:00 pm
  • Tickets Available at Door

Ticket are $5 at the door

Doors 9PM


The Crazy Water Crystals, a brother duet band hailing from the heart of East Tennessee, features the talents of Kris Truelsen (mandolin) and James Edgar (guitar). With a penchant for sounds from years past, these boys sing like bluebirds, capturing the heart and soul of the great brother bands from the 1930’s, 40’s and beyond.


The idea for the band was sparked on a mild winter’s night, while passing songs and tunes around a backyard fire. After a year spent under the tutelage of ETSU faculty Roy Andrade and Daniel Boner, the Crystals set out on their own. Bringing together distinct harmonies, tight vocal blends, and strong original material, the Crazy Water Crystals are proud to offer a fresh perspective on the great tradition of brother bands, tailored to the modern audience of today.