Irritating Julie

Irritating Julie

  • Venue:Saturday Night
  • Doors:8PM – 01:00 am
  • Tickets Available at Door

Tickets are $5 at the door..(Doors 8PM Show at 9PM)

Irritating Julie is a South Carolina based cover band with many years of live and studio performance experience. The genre of music performed ranges from the early 70’s to today’s contemporary hits. Irritating Julie offers a play list of Rock, Funk, Motown and Country to your venue and will entertain your patrons up to four hours a night with an energy driven show. The band will play songs that your patrons and friends want to hear — not what the band wants to play. We do understand the wants and needs of your establishment. If you wish Irritating Julie to add certain specific songs to the set list, we welcome your suggestions and ideas.
Irritating Julie provides a complete professional P.A. system fitting your establishment with an entertaining light show. Setting up and tearing down the equipment will not interfere with your business and will be round up swiftly. The band guarantees best practice and performance, no profanities and no alcohol abuse of the part of the musicians/performers.