John Corbett

John Corbett

  • Venue:Saturday Night
  • Doors:8PM
  • Canceled

Sorry, John got a New TV job and had to cancel. Be on the look out for a rescheduled show in 2015

With two country albums to his name and an acting resume a mile long, John Corbett would be a casting agent’s dream for the ABC drama, “Nashville.” But for him, that would be taking two steps back in his Music City journey.


“I wouldn’t do it. They didn’t ask me [laughs], but I wouldn’t do it,” the affable entertainer tells The Boot, lounging on a couch in his publicist’s Music Row office. “I’ve been too close to being an actor who came to Nashville wanting to sing, with people making assumptions or judging. I had one guy — a big guy who ran a label — call me a carpetbagger before he even heard my music! So if I did something like [‘Nashville’], I’d get compared too much to an actor trying to make it in this town to steal the pot of gold.”