Kudzu Kings on the Inside Stage

Kudzu Kings on the Inside Stage

Moved Inside

Tickets $20
Doors 9:00 Show 10:00ish
Ages 21UP or with Parent

Kudzu Kings have been an institution since 1994, touring cast of the Rockies for a solid 10 years and since
then paving frequently at restivals and clubs in the Southerst to date ‘The hand has sold 10 0M units each of
their first two albums and fans continue to post and trade live shows online. While the band gained populant
playing the
circuit, the majonty of the songs are in a more traditional vein, stories about lite in the
south, in a style the band calls “tunktry”
see except In tie Dook
“Jambands: the complete guide
players, music, & scene bv Dean Budnick
While the hand hac
had a few personne, changes
in the past 20 years, the onginal lincup has been reunited an
playing together for the last five years: Tate Moore (vocals, acoustic acoustic guitar), Robert Chatte
(keyboards), and “Kudzu” Dave Woolworth (vocals, bass), Max Williams (original guitarist), George
(McConnell (guitar, Beanland, Kudzu Kings, Widespread Panic), and Chuck Sigler (drums).
The band’s latest release is their 25 Anniversary concert (recorded 2019, released 2020) available on CL
/digital download and streaming plattorms. Kudzu Kings currently have
another live record pending release
2022 as a double vinyl and they are working on a third record of new studio material (to replace the third
I scrapped several years back). All the members are active gigging in side projects together when
performing as Kudzu Kings
Thank you for your inleres., lIme, and suppor