All The Locals

All The Locals

  • Venue:Saturday Night
  • Doors:9PM
  • Tickets Available at Door

$5 Doors 9PM

“Everybody likes a new groove or place to hangout…So, why not where the locals go? Atlanta-based, All The Locals, are shaped and molded out of the very bricks that make up their southern metropolis. With a soulful back bone, a rock n’ roll attitude, and a shaky blues breakdown of heartfelt lyrics, written by John Schmarkey, these four locals, including their unique family and crew, bring out the best of Atlanta’s real image.

In early 2011, Atlanta blues guitarist and acclaimed local live-sound engineer, Ty Barksdale, teamed up with Johnny to create a fresh new sound that took from all their favorite genres. To achieve the groove they were searching for they knew they would need to dig deep into the community and find out where the unsung heroes of the music scene really were. After coming back from a studio session near Atlantic Station in midtown, Ty stumbled upon a roaring, but seductive sound coming from a nearby soundstage humming through the park. Denorris Pennyman (aka. Deno), who already had an underground name for percussion in Atlanta’s soul/gospel family, had Ty’s ears buzzing. With a little social networking, Ty had arranged for Deno, Johnny and him to merge influences and create the “All The Locals” sound you hear today. Soon after, in early 2012, the trio began rehearsing for the first EP, which was yet to be named. Weeks later, Deno completed the back bone rhythm section by adding another local favorite in gospel/RnB game, Christian Camp, to play the bass. With incredible talent in many instruments and a touch that always lands in the pocket, Chris was a perfect fit for the new family . Since their formation in early 2012, Chris, Ty, Deno and Johnny have been inseparable, in and out of local recording and rehearsal studios, and even your favorite Waffle Houses, planning and focusing on their new found goals of playing music that will make people think, laugh and love.

Their freshman- self titled EP, was produced by John Briglevich (Shawn Mullins, Drivn n’ Cryin, James Brown, Outkast, Connor Christian) at Sonica Studios. It was completed in June of 2012, and was picked up by local industry within a week of completion and shopping. The tunes were ready to be sent to YOU within a matter of weeks. Since April, All The Locals have been nearly selling out 400 person clubs and bars with their unpredictable performances. The five song compilations, will take you on a rock/pop/RnB/bluesy rollercoaster ride. All The Locals thank you for continuing to support original music.” – Redeye Distribution