Stereo Reform

Stereo Reform

  • Venue:Friday Night
  • Doors:9PM – 01:30 am
  • Tickets Available at Door

Tickets are $5 at the door..(Doors 9PM Show at 10PM)

We took the good things about 70s and 80s music and added some us. Life. Love. Funk. Dance.


“Stereo Reform is the product of 20th century funk, pop, rock and dance music…80s babies that grew up with MTV and the synth revolution, Saturday morning cartoons and 3 decades worth of their parent’s albums. Nintendo music and game culture, shows with timeless, almost epic theme songs (think Knight Rider and Magnum P.I.)… were daily reminders of just how awesome music and entertainment were. The guys soaked it all in and all of these elements have found their way into the music of Stereo Reform.”