The Delta Circus “Rolling Stones Tribute”

The Delta Circus “Rolling Stones Tribute”

Tickets are $8 advance online or $10 at the door…Doors 9PM Show is 10ish
Ages 21 Up or with Parent
Members of Guilt Ridden Troubadour, Gaslight Street, Sideshow Americans, Josh Roberts and the Hinges and more play the music of The Rolling Stones.

Reid Stone, frontman of Guilt Ridden Troubadour, leads this outfit along with Campbell Brown (Gaslight Street), Ryan Bonner (GRT and Sideshow Americans), Whitt Algar (Gaslight, GRT), Jeff Kozelski, Jack Friel and Jeff Davis (both of GRT). Special guests will join throughout the night in celebration of The Rolling Stones and rock n roll.