The Tarlatans W/ The Kenny George Band

The Tarlatans W/ The Kenny George Band

  • Venue:Saturday Night
  • Doors:9PM
  • Tickets Available at Door

Tickets $10 at the door (Doors 9PM)
“A tarlatan is a specialized rag used to clean off a wood print or in this case, a colorful, yet raw and dirty Americana rock act from Charleston, SC. Based on the writings of guitarists and vocalists, Taylor McCleskey and Ryan Williams, The Tarlatans are an ingenious approach to staying along the fine line of catchy pop rock, but still leaving room for the beauty of human imperfection and the celebration of life and its highs and lows. McCleskey and Williams are brilliant poets who harmonize beautifully together and are truthful with every lyric, unafraid of admitting their faults and hardships. They possess an old country feel- especially visible in their ballads- but are transformed into their own sound adding elements of bluegrass and folk rock with the help of other band members, Eric Mixon and Blake Shorter. Their new self-titled album…is a top to bottom breath of fresh air amongst the polluted world of music.”