Uncle Mingo (No Opener)

Uncle Mingo (No Opener)

  • Venue:Saturday Night
  • Doors:9PM – 01:30 am

Tickets are $15..Doors 9PM Uncle Mingo at 11PM

Uncle Mingo are a Charleston, South Carolina-based funk-punk quintet that melds the party-hearty attitude of the Red Hot Chili Peppers with a stronger funk basis and an inclination toward long jams that lean towards prog-rock.

Fatty Mookie Mo’ Booty Guitarist Scott Quattlebaum, bassist Bryon Moore and drummer Robert Thorn formed Uncle Mingo in Charleston as a trio in 1989, playing funk-metal and alternative rock. After developing a local following, the group added Jason Moore (saxophone, keyboard; no relation to Bryon) and recorded their first album, an eponymous cassette-only release which appeared that fall. That album was quickly followed by Fatty Mookie Mo’ Booty, which became a word-of-mouth hit around the Southeast following the group’s constant touring. After a few years, the group had developed a strong fan base across the Southeast, as well as Colorado.
Dancin’ on the Moon In 1996, the group released their third album, Little Baby Brother, which was produced by James Brown saxophonist Jeff Watkins and featured the James Brown horn section. Uncle Mingo signed a deal with Autonomous Records in 1997 and in the spring, the label gave Fatty Mookie Mo’ Booty a national release, following it with Dancin’ on the Moon in April.