Well Charged

Well Charged

  • Venue:Saturday
  • Doors:9PM
  • Tickets Available at Door

Tickets are $5 at the door…Doors 9PM Show is 10ish

Ages 21 Up or with Parent

Well Charged is a new Reggae/Rocksteady/Ska band based in Charleston, SC! Featuring current and former members of: Sex Wax, Operation Irie, International Morality, Common Foundation, Culture, Kenyatta Hill, Itals, King Yellowman, Monsoon, Natures Child, Raiz Muziz,Solstice, Kinjah, Kevin Kinsella, Roots Essential, Jahfishermen, Reggaeinfinity, and Food Clothes and Shelter. We hope to have an EP released within the coming months, please stay tuned to our page for the latest info on upcoming shows!