Chewbacky W/ The Larry David Project

Chewbacky W/ The Larry David Project

  • Venue:Thursday Night
  • Doors:9PM – 01:30 am
  • Tickets Available at Door

Tickets are $5 at the door…Doors 9PM Show at 10PM
Chewbacky is a 3-piece newgrass band located in Charleston, SC. We take genres like 80’s, ska, jamband, funk & pop & “bluegrass” it up..if you will…

Formed in Charleston, SC in 2008 – Chewbacky is a unique 3-piece cover band including Scott Carpenter on lead vocals and guitar, Corey Kinsella on mandolin and backup vocals and Jason Hayes on bass.

From 2000-2008, Scott and Corey played originals, 80’s, 90’s and rock covers all across the music scene in the Lowcounty as “Chewbacca”.

In 2008, Chewbacca was approached about playing a large, local “bluegrass-only” festival. At that time, Chewbacca had been incorporating a handful of bluegrass songs in their rock sets, but bluegrass was not their main focus. In order to round out their sound for the festival, they decided to team up with guitarist/bass player, Jason Hayes.

In an effort to create a sound they had not heard from any local bands (and partly because of their lack of real, traditional bluegrass chops at the time) – the three musicians decided to play 80’s hits from bands like Talking Heads, Lionel Richie & Duran Duran – in bluegrass style. Chewbacca became “Chewbacky” and the rest is history…

Chewbacky is a cover band that also writes and performs original songs. What is unique about Chewbacky?

Many of our covers are custom arranged to be different from the originals
We are multi-genre and mix styles often…like playing 80’s cover songs bluegrass style (which is how we started and is sometimes the bulk of our set lists)
At least half of our sets are a fusion of several songs played as one
Chewbacky has over 200 songs with new ones being added constantly. We encourage our clients to customize our set lists and we always learn your favorite songs for your event if we don’t currently play it.