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Droze & The Drift on the inside Stage

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Pumping out all the good vibes on their first single of the year, Droze & the Drift have excelled on an absolute stunner titled “On My Own”. Keep reading as we share our complete thoughts on the track, in addition to a background on the band.

In case you happen to be unfamiliar with Droze & the Drift, they’re a four-piece band currently based out of Charleston, South Carolina. They’ve consistently been putting together an inspired mix of Reggae and Rock, but with a twist and signature essence of their own that’s completely transcended our initial opinion of that entire genre. Their latest song is called “On My Own” and it’s downright euphoric in every facet from start to finish. Without a doubt, we’re urging everyone out there to give it a spin.

On the background of this song’s creation, the band has claimed that “On My Own” is more of a return to form to their alternative rock roots. Now we’ll kick it off with this as this was actually our introduction to the band’s music, but everything they’ve put forth here really is an even keel blend that touches on so many styles. At their heart they’ve got those Reggae elements that come through not only on the instrumental end, but the vocals embody that laidback feeling that we enjoy so much too. Truly, this is easily one of the more well rounded songs that’s been sent our way in quite some time. It fills that void we’ve been lacking of euphoria, pure unbridled joy, and the immense feeling that all the members of the band are legitimately having a fun time performing it. The song screams the summer season, but we already know we’ll be coming back to it way before then.

At just a little under three minutes in runtime, we suppose our only real “con” is that we wish it were much longer. From beginning to end, “On My Own” emanates this aura of calm and relaxation, almost creating a hypnotizing effect on the listener due to everything that’s going on. We suppose it’s a mark of a great band to leave you wanting more, so in that case Droze & the Drift have gone above and beyond in that aspect. If this is any indication of what they’re cooking up for a future sound, then consider us fully on the bandwagon for whatever else gets shared in 2023.