Eddie Bush “Our LandShark Acoustic Deck Series “

Eddie Bush “Our LandShark Acoustic Deck Series “

  • Venue:Saturday Afternoon
  • Doors:7PM – 9PM
  • Free Entry

Free on the back Deck starts at 7pm



  • Alt. Country/Southern Rock/Pop
  • Eddie Bush
  • Hometown
    Charleston, SC
  • Record Label
  • Short Description
    Experiencing and sharing my passion for music, 24/7!
  • Bio
    Eddie Bush picked up his first guitar when he was four years old and it was “love at first strum”. Mesmerized by its sound, Eddie spent hours strumming his father’s golf club trade in, and inspired by The Beatles, Elvis, the Osmond Brothers and Glen Campbell, Eddie began to develop his natural singing talent and gift for the guitar at a young age. Barely 12, Eddie discovered the larger-than-life theatrics of KISS and knew then that “there was absolutely no question that music was my calling.” Continue Reading