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Fo Daniels on the inside Stage

Fo Daniels is an alt-rock artist based in Charleston, SC, who’s just dropped his debut album, Imitation Roses. FMScaught up with the singer-songwriter, to get the lowdown on his solo project, his new 10-track LP, and lead single ‘Summers Past’.

“I started my solo project two years ago, after I had split from my former band and left Los Angeles. I was working with a great group of talented guys, but we stopped seeing eye to eye on our creative vision, and personally I was really fed up with the LA culture and music scene. It felt forced and plastic, and if there were some great bands coming out of that scene, I certainly didn’t meet them.

“So, I left, and moved to Charleston, SC to be closer to my mom and to play in a music scene I felt I could belong in. Most of my very favourite music (rock n’ roll, blues, soul, and country) originated in the American South, and audiences here are much more receptive to that kind of thing. I had a ton of songs I never got that chance to record previously, so I started gigging, at open mics first, then small bars, and then clubs/venues to hone my sound.

“I’ve been very lucky to meet some great people here and to have been given some awesome opportunities to perform and record. There is some seriously amazing music coming out of the Charleston scene right now, and I’m really grateful to be a part of it.”