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Hannah Dasher w/ The Piedmont Boys on the NÜTRL Beach Stage

I was 13 years old when my Grandaddy returned home after decades in prison. While significant to my young life, it transitioned into something more scandalous a few months later when he became engaged to my beloved MeeMaw. A solid 25 years after their first marriage ended.

The wedding itself was the talk of my small town. I remember my nerves as guests started to enter the chapel – a mix of unease, embarrassment and a slight bit of envy at the bold nature of my kin. Thinking back to the day, I also have crystalline memories of my Momma. She was a country singer in her own right and was asked to perform before the ceremony, gladly taking respite from her regular court of Moose Lodges.

She entered the space in a flowing, satin gown, with a microphone in one hand and the other outstretched to touch those seated in the pews. Her dazzling smile and light jokes brought positive energy to everyone she passed along the way. Once positioned on stage, the music started. Her eyes locked with every guest as she vivaciously delivered each line of ‘Stand By Your Man’ and then quickly softened during the piano intro of ‘The Rose.’ She nailed every soaring, heartfelt note. She was no longer with us in the room.

I looked around at family and friends who were similarly captivated. Even the eyes of my tougher-than-nails MeeMaw and grizzled Grandaddy were filled with joyful tears. I had always believed my Momma to be beautiful and understood that she could sing. But in that moment, I realized that she was a star. A true queen of country music. The kind with a cosmically given sparkle that could effortlessly transform any scandal into a heavenly experience.

This juncture, one of many in my life, is what has always drawn me to country music as an artist, writer and cheerleader of those finding their way through the art form. In my own journey, I’ve been lucky enough to observe many like my Momma. Those with talent that stretches from the stage to planets lightyears away, who are deserving of far reaching success, yet are so often overlooked – or missed altogether – by the industry. There are no current artists more fitting of the above than Hannah Dasher.